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Welcome to Confectionately Yours

Welcome to our new look on line store.

Confectionately Yours

How to use our Products - All Articles
Now available. View the video demonstration here. A variety of beautiful designs in the range. ..
Recipes - All Articles
Coconut Ice
Ingredients: 840g icing sugar 200g dessicated coconut Tin of condensed milk (395g) 1 egg white, slightly beaten Food colouring Line a 18cm square cake tin (or rectangular similar in size) with baking paper. Or, if using chocolate moulds spray lightly with cooking spray, wiping out excess. Sift the icing sugar into a large bowl then stir in condensed milk, coconut and egg white. It takes quite a bit of mixing and you might find it easier to wear gloves and mix by hand. Divide the mixture into portions for as many colours as you want – leave a larger amount white. If making traditi..
Viola Shortbread Recipe
Ingredients 225g plain flour                                                    225g butter 60g corn flour 60g icing sugar ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon vanilla extract viola flowers (or small pansies) pesticide free egg white wash Instructions Line two baking trays with baking paper. Combine dry ingredients ..
Tutorials - All Articles
Rudolph Cake Pops Tutorial
Rudolph Cake Pop Tutorial Ingredients Baked cake of your choice. Packet mix is perfectly acceptable. I've used homemade mud cake as it doesn't require any icing to bind it together. Chocolate melts or chopped chocolate (milk or dark) Copha if required Red smarties or m&ms Icing eyes or round lollies Equipment Deep microwavable bowl Spoon Lollipop sticks Packaging Cellophane bags Brown pipe cleaners Step 1 Crumble your cold baked cake into fine crumbs. Step 2 Squeeze your cake crumbs to form balls approximately 3-3.5cms in diameter...
Petal Icing Technique
Make a batch of buttercream and tint it the colour you require. Give your cake a crumb coat ready to pipe the 'petals'. Using a round piping tip pipe a vertical row of dots . I've used a 1cm tip on this cake.   Using a palette knife gently 'squash' each dot with the tip of your palette knife and drag slightly.   Continue this process around the entire cake. You will have a 'seam' at the back. Follow the same process on the top of the cake or you can also pipe the dots/petals in a spiral pattern.          &nbs..